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November 30th 2014 Sunday new book, gym, Streaking, Chester, Friends meet :)

December 1, 2014

November 30th 2014

New book I just started reading.
It’s really good so far.

DON’T GO by Lisa Scottoline

we’ve been trying new foods with Chester.
So far he likes every one. yay.
This alleviates some feeding stress.
Now if Weasel wasn’t so finicky……

Chester likes this one too.

What do you feed your dogs??
Chester needs something lo-fat due to
his pancreatitis

good thing I got to class early to get a spot.
Class is super packed on Sundays.
And that girl in the black hogs up 4 spots
for friends & gets all pissy if she can’t have
the place she wants.

Chester dispensing dog kisses after our “streak”

we ran/walked a little over a mile today

Michael’s finishing touches on our decorations

Seamus the Christmas Dog

MY friends Shannon & Rich FINALLY got to meet
one another after being friends only on Facebook
for years. Nothing like meeting in person.
Just wish I was there too!

Best friends listen to what you don’t say!

Why live an ordinary life when you don’t have to?
~Robert R. Toth

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