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1/19/15 Chester, work from home, Slate Bleu, Casablanca, Museum exhibit

January 19, 2015


Chester practicing wearing his new boots.

birds eye view of working from home

Chester out on a hike WITHOUT his booties!
Michael & Chester were investigating a hike.

Michael took this photo of an abandoned wagon
in the woods. A lonely wagon.

Stopped to see my customers at Slate Bleu.
No tasting 😦
but I got an order…..

appointment at Casablanca.
Adam wants some high end wines.
OK! I spent time putting together a
proposal for him.

Let’s take an adventure to the
Trenton City Museum to see
brother Raymond’s Exhibit!

How cool is this???

anyone know where I can find some

you never know the impact you can have

The secret of your future
is hidden in your daily routine.

~Mike Murdock

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