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1/30/15 Sales rep of the Year! visiting little Lily, free Guinea Pigs, free pup

February 1, 2015


to my surprise, but not others….
I won SALES REP of the year for the PA market.
I was shocked & quite pleased to win this award.

I work hard but never think my efforts
are enough…apparently they are!

Toly & Tom
Friends from my first class at Winebow.
We are always happy to see each other.
Means we are still hanging in there!

on the way home from Winebow Headquarters
I always like to stop & visit my friend Jes
& her daughter Lily….who was thrilled (not)
to be getting her picture with me!

Hall & Oates Guinea Pigs….need a home!!

Free to good home.
Cage, food & bedding included!

Do you or anyone you know need a Guinea Pig?

Jada is a 4 yr old pup that needs a home.
She was rescued but the family that has her
cannot keep her.
She is a very playful “puppy.”
She is a very energetic dog.

Anyone need a running partner???

We are STILL getting Weasel cards….
She was a GREAT dog & we are so lucky to have
such thoughtful friends. we really appreciate
everyone that has reached out to us.
So nice! 01

pulled a goodie out of the Wine Cellar.
An award winning wine from Nickel & Nickel.
Michael gave it to me for our anniversary in 2010.

paired with a “HELEN PIE”…..

I informed Michael that this was NOT my
“celebration dinner” for winning the award.
That will have to be a special place that we
don’t normally go to…..

toy we left for our server!

It is the studying that you do
after your school days that really counts.
Otherwise, you know only
that which everyone else knows.

~ Henry Doherty

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    More exciting news. Congratulations!

  2. Woo hoo! Congratulations!

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