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2/10/15 brining! gym, Apollo Grill, Artisan Wine Cellar, Steel Stacks, RAY

February 11, 2015


Michael has been BRINING our steps & walkway.
This has been a miracle cure for our ice problem
Everyone should use the brine!

neighbor Deb joined me at the gym today

I had to make a wine delivery for a customer.
She needed it for a dinner.

Apollo Grill

We tasted 5 wines & Jansen bought FOUR!

they have a great Wine Program!

pictures of the little animals I leave behind

next stop was Artisan Wine Cellar

It’s a really COOL wine bar.
Friends, we need something like this near us!
Lynne, you would LOVE it!

Still trying to get in at Steel Stacks.
It’s a venue hall. I’ll keep trying.

it’s kind of a crazy area with a bunch of dilapidated
buildings all over.

Skeletons of businesses that used to be…..

visit to see brother Raymond on the way home.

Working on a Garden Show project



it’s going to be an underwater Table scene,

Totally cool!


We go where our vision is.
~ Joseph Edward Murphy

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