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Sunday 2/15/15 expired drugs, streaking, bird feeder, manicure, guinea pigs

February 16, 2015

Sunday 2/15/15

How expired do drugs have to be to be no good??

I woke up not feeling great (sore throat, BIG foggy head).

I don’t think any of these were NOT expired…..

We still went out for our mile streak.
If I am so sick that I cannot walk a mile
then I’m going to the hospital.

No excuses…..

here’s a video….

you have to KEEP MOVING!!!!

Michael gave me this lovely finch bird feeder
as one of my Valentines present

We have a Palm Tree in front of our house.
It lights up at night.

needed a Manicure
Dress to Kilt: name of polish….

Loving the new salon that opened up on Street Rd.
Joy Nail Salon

I coordinated “Operation Guinea Pig” today.
My friend had these guinea pigs she needed
to find a home for & a FB friend came to
the rescue & adopted them for her little brother.

I was hoping to sit down & read today
but I actually just fell asleep!
I don’t like the
“not feeling good thing….”

No fun for this dog!!


“Everything you do, everything you think

and everything you say,

is reflected back to you as your own experience”

Buddhist Teaching

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