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2/17/15 Tuesday snow day, pour house, Adam’s Birthday day, dogs

February 18, 2015

2/17/15 Tuesday

First thing when I woke up this morning I saw a
CARDINAL on the bird feeder.

Ivyland Winter Wonderland

neighbors helping neighbors

Bailey making sure Mayor Bob was snow blowing properly

Michael snow blowing the neighbors driveway

Me & Chester after our mile walk.
we weren’t up to running in the snow.
plus I haven’t been feeling good.

Met up with friend TOM at the Pour House
with neighbor Deb & friend Joanne

We facetimed friend Mary (Tom’s wife),
she lives in Florida…..

Happy Birthday ADAM!!

this is what WEASEL IV’s mom looks like

wire haired Vizsla, really sweet dog!

think GOOD thoughts of yourself…..


Your own words are the bricks and mortar
of the dreams you want to realize.
Your words are the greatest power you have.
The words you choose and their use
establish the life you experience.

~Sonia Choquette

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