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Saturday 2/21/15 Chester, Improv class, SNOW! wine, Dani Rae

February 22, 2015

Saturday 2/21/15

Chester & I on a run before I go to the gym.
If I don’t go now I’m not sure when we’ll get out.

Boot Camp today! Back to the gym for me.
I missed the gym ALL WEEK 😦

sitting in First Class on the train ride into the city

Time for IMPROV class!!!

It’s been a lot of fun, I really enjoy it!

It was a SNOWY day in the city!

30th Street Train Station

WE don’t ride our bikes in the snow but they
do in the city!!

neighbors Roman & Denise came over for dinner.
We did a Vertical Tasting of Mollydooker Cabernet.
2006 & 2007

We couldn’t really tell the difference.

dessert was compliments of friend Suzy!
A healthy snack.

We had a little visitor today…..

Dani Rae selfie

taking a break from drawing on the bathroom walls


“Action is the foundational key to all success.”

~ Pablo Picasso

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