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2/20/15 Friday brrrrr,Chester to the vet,frozen river,Con Tav,Pizza! Weasel IV

February 22, 2015

2/20/15 Friday

a VERY COLD day in Ivyland…..

at least it was SUNNY!!!

felt like 19 below Zero

at least when I check the weather in advance
I know how to dress for it

We still did our streak!!

No, Chester’s eyes are NOT frozen shut!

Main Street Animal Hospital

Chester had a VET appointment today

He had this skin tag hangy thing on his leg.
It turned a weird color so I thought we better
get it checked out.

All better. They removed it that day!
He goes back in a couple weeks to get
the stitches removed.

The FROZEN Delaware river!

Tasting appointment at the Continental Tavern.
ALL these wines on this list are mine!

a visit to the Basenji’s on my way home
Lila & Bene

Dinner with Friends tonight ….
Don & I shared the meat lovers…..

a little toy & a note for the server ALYSSA

WEASEL IV @ 6 1/2 weeks

She’ll be coming home soon 🙂


Folks will know how large your soul is

by the way you treat a dog.

~Charles F. Duran

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