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Monday 2/23/15 Chester streak, Slate Bleu, Helen Book, good enough?

February 26, 2015

Monday 2/23/15

Get Up & Do something FUN!

Chester & I just back from our Streak.
Just walking, no running.

It was REALLY ICY out as it was some degrees below zero.

We found out, on ice, you are supposed to walk like a penguin!
Did you know that???

Appointment at Slate Bleu in Doylestown….
but the owner wasn’t there 😦

A few people asked about other pages in my
HELEN BOOK ….so occasionally I will share
what is in my book….

#6 LSNED = Learn Something New Every Day

Each day is a “miniature” of the whole canvas of life.

Fiber Fix: Michael’s new toy.

100x stronger than duct tape!!!

(since nobody’s perfect)
How good is GOOD ENOUGH??

Great book I just finished….
Who wants to borrow it??

What the Hell is it….. lol

As difficult and complicated as it may be,
the task is never as bad as the avoidance of it.
Just start, just keep going,
and just get it done.


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  1. tee hee, love that last book cartoon!

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