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2/25/15 Slate Bleu, CANDY!, Horsham Pub, Blue Bell Country Club

February 27, 2015


VIZSLA for Wednesday Feb 25th!

Weasel IV is coming home next weekend!

lobby of Slate Bleu restaurant.
They were there today.
Tasted two wines they are getting both!

Nuts Plus where I often get my candy supply
while in Doylestown.

these honeycomb candies are hard to find!

stopped at PUCK but the buyer is never there.
I need better timing. Or an Appointment!

stopped at Horsham Pub bc they are opening
a new restaurant that I want to get in on.

They are using the “big wine companies” because
they give them lots of financial support with
the opening. Hopefully, after it opens & they get
settled I can get my wines in there.

tasting with Heather at Blue Bell Country Club.

This is the COOL part of my job.
Tasting wines with customers who are truly
interested in finding wines that their
customers will like & Buy!

stopped at LUCKY’s house.
He lives at Blue Bell Country Club
so I can’t go there & NOT visit.

I see friend Mary too!

This is what dogs generally like to do……

leftovers from wine tastings.
Hoping I can get use out of them for other appointments.

made us steak fajitas fir dinner tonight.
Yes, I actually cooked, which I REALLY like to do,
but sadly, just never seem to make the time to do it.

if things go wrong, don’t go with them!

Perseverance is not a long race;
it is many short races one after another.

~ Walter Elliott

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