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Thursday March 5th 2015 SNOW, BIRDS , Wine

March 6, 2015

Thursday March 5th 2015

Thursday March 5th 2015

This is what MARCH MADNESS is
here on the East Coast.

Mother Nature has been CRAZY!
She must be off her meds!

we got about 10 inches of snow.
It sure is pretty!

Chester enjoying the snow

Back from our streak.
We got out early before more snow came.
We got about an inch a minute & temperatures
kept dropping

We got A LOT of SNOW!

it’s a Carolina Wren in the Blue Bird box
(not a nuthatch which I previously thought it was)

Thanks to SUE for pointing that out.

Cardinal at my feeder

friend DON got this picture of a Cardinal
visiting his feeders

Mourning Doves all puffed up waiting out the storm.

Wine for a Snowy Night.

Cabernet from Australia, has a eucalyptus bouquet.

Thursday is Friday Eve!

Let us not be content to wait and see
what will happen,
but give us the determination
to make the right things happen.

~ Horace Mann

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