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Monday March 9th 2015 Weasel, Chester & Working from Home

March 9, 2015

Monday March 9th 2015

Out for our morning Walk.
Weasel can’t streak yet but Chester & I went
for our mile run/walk.

presents for Weasel from neighbors Roman & Denise

Weasel & Chester sharing the toy

Weasel “helping” me Work From Home

friend Joyce brought over her granddaughter
to meet Weasel

and the obligatory kid in the cage photo

Weasel just taking a rest on Chester

best friends after one day

friend Shannon returned this book I forgot I even leant her.
Is anyone else interested in reading it?? LMK!

The NO Asshole Rule

neighbor Deb’s friend saw Chester’s driver’s license &
decided his dog need one too!!!

I love that all the dogs belong to DADD
Dogs Against Drunk Drivers


Take pride in how far you’ve come.
Have faith in how far you can go.
don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

~ Michael Josephson
~ Speaker and Former Law Professor

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