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3/14/15 Chester, Improv School, Weasel, St Patrick’s Party

March 15, 2015


Yes! Chester & I are still streaking.
Every day since Thanksgiving, one mile.

On my way to school.
I love taking the train.
It gives me an hour each way to relax.

The stage at Comedy Sportz.
Sadly, my last class is March 28th.
My class will be “performing” from 2-3pm that day.
It’s free if you are so inclined to come watch.

Center City was a ZOO!
there were TONS of St Patty’s Partyers!

I discovered a new Bagel shop in center city.
Chestnut Street Bagels.
The put the toppings on the top & bottom!

friend Dave got to meet Weasel today.
Michael was over at the Firehouse.

This is a classic Vizsla move: half off a dog bed.

St Patrick’s party at neighbor MB’s house.
Let the FUN begin….

Tanya & Me

Roman & Denise….

What color is Roman’s shirt??

Dangerous shots which I totally avoided.

RumChata & Caramel Vodka

even more deadly shots that I did NOT drink.
Creme de Mint, Baileys & Grand Marnier.

Neighbors Maureen, MB, Me & Malissa

Fun was had by All!

Create a definite plan for
carrying out your desire and begin at once,
whether you’re ready or not,
to put this plan into action.

~Napoleon Hill Author of Think and Grow Rich

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