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3/16/15 Chester, Newtown Athletic Club, Weasel, Dani Rae, Rooster Beer

March 18, 2015


Chester out on our morning streak…..

appointment here today

they have an outdoor oasis in the summer time.
This includes a BAR! this is where I fit in…..

Baby Weasel

My office assistant…..

Weasel can’t wait her turn to go OUT the dog door

She does just fine going back in

New toys for Weasel & Chester from friends
Rula, Cargo, Rich & Carl in Florida

Dani Rae supervising the tug of war

a bed full of cuteness

tried the Rogue Rooster Stout tonight.
It was OK. Not rushing out to buy more.


You have to perform
at a consistently higher level
than others.
That’s the mark of a true professional.

~ Joseph Vincent “Joe” Paterno

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