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Thursday 3/19/15 gym Weasel of course, my office, Wine Deliveries

March 20, 2015

Thursday 3/19/15

Time to get MOVING !!

(Mary – that is Stacy in the black.
She will be at your event Saturday)

Weasel found the Sun Spot

Baby Weasel posing. She is too darn cute!

Guess who gets to delivery all those boxes??

It’s not normally my job but for circumstances beyond
my control I had to drive to center city, pick up the wine,
deliver it to liquor stores in Allentown & Lower Saucon.
It was a work out!

secret surprise for co-worker Faith.
Faith is a Team Player!

She’s been tremendously helpful so I gave her
a couple bottles of wine I got for being
Sales Rep of the Year 🙂

I sent a picture of me with the wine delivery
to my customer so they know I am going
above & beyond the call of duty.

Going the Extra Mile
#3 of the 17 Success Principles….

found this tasty morsel at Fresh Market.
It was near the Liquor Store where I
had the wine delivery.

another stand off.
Picassa is under the chair.
Can you see her beady eyes????

sister Pat organized our Pantry.
A project well over due.
Let’s hope we can keep it that way!

everyone needs a sister Pat!

You can do anything
once you stop trying to do everything.

Eric barker

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