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3/18/15 Wednesday Weasel, Picassa, Continental Tavern, River Grille, Helen Book

March 19, 2015

3/18/15 Wednesday

Standoff #1

standoff #2

the cat generally wins.
she is a Bitch Cat.

visiting my customer the Continental Tavern.
They have “guests”…..

This WHOLE wine list is MINE!

I LOVE “owning” the list…..

awesome views as I drive to my other accounts

River Grille in Easton is an account “to be”.

I have a scheduled tasting with them next week.

Maxim’s in Easton is another account I cover.

A visit to Brother Raymond’s studio on my way home

an excerpt from the HELEN BOOK….

I remember once when I was almost NOT going
to take the second Wine Course and a friend asked WHY?
I said “because it’s so HARD”
Then she just Laughed and said REALLY??
You’re not going to do something “because it’s HARD?”

and so you could have guessed… I registered for the
next wine class & passed with Merit!

from the HELEN BOOK:

Do what you can each day to create
a life that you truly love!

A grateful mind
is a mind which eventually
attracts to itself great things.


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  1. When it comes to cats and dogs that share the same house, the cat always wins. When we had a 15 pound cat and a 45 pound dog, the cat terrorized the dog, would trap him in the basement and not let him upstairs, would chase him into corners, or wouldn’t let him jump up on the bed. It was hilarious actually

    • helcha8 permalink

      They are too funny. I could watch them interact ALL DAY long. Cat ALWAYS wins. Even with Chester!

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