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Friday 3/27/15 dogs, wine, Easter Candy ,Taco Suave with Suzy & Family

March 29, 2015

Friday 3/27/15

Doggies out for our morning “streak”

Been walking Weasel the mile with us.
No running though. It’s not good for puppies.

Argentina Wine tasting today at Work!

met friend Ryno at the Stock Exchange.
Was picking up candy one of the guys mom makes.

Delivering WINE to a liquor store
for a customer

fuzzy wuzzy Weasel
enjoying her new toy from friends Deb & Don

The candy I picked up from the Stock Exchange

I was trying to figure out the best way to package them

this is what I went with

friend Suzy brought her girls over
to meet Weasel

We went to dinner at Taco Suave
with Suzy & her family

I was in charge of the Wine…of course!

activities for ALL….

table toys

FUN was had by all!!

Pictures the girls colored for us

Small & Big

Chester & Weasel

Good brother & sister


Always remember to forget
the things that made you sad,
but never forget to remember
the things that made you glad.”

~ Victor Borge

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