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Tuesday 4/7/15 gym, Huntingdon Valley CC, dogs, Pour House

April 10, 2015

Tuesday 4/7/15

one of the GREATEST things about my job
is affords me the flexibility to go to the
gym most days. That part is good.
Don’t get me started on the other parts.

today’s meeting was at Huntingdon Valley Country Club

the groundskeeper guys were on the greens
getting the course ready for the members

tasting wine for a Spring Fling next week

I’m Happy. He bought them ALL!

these two. Inseparable.
Chester & Weasel.

We could NOT believe what we saw!
Our regular place, the Pour House had
PLINY THE ELDER …it’s a highly sought after beer.

neighbor Deb activating a new credit card
while using her Brick Charger at the bar.

Friend Jim with two new pups he rescued

They love him!!!


Choose to act
even when you’re unsure of your ability.

Everyone has doubts about their abilities.
You might think you’re not good enough,
not smart enough, or not strong enough.
And it’s OK if you’re not great at something,
because you don’t have to be.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t do things perfectly either.
What matters is that you dare to try.
Instead of looking at the end result
(the big picture),
divide your project into pieces
and tackle the piece
you feel most comfortable with first.
You need to be content with small steps in life. Honestly, that’s all life is
~ small steps that you take every day,
and then one day when you look back down the road
it all adds up and you know you covered
some serious distance.

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