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Sunday 4/12/15 dogs, Biking, Volleyball, Ivyland Firehouse friends

April 13, 2015

Sunday 4/12/15

Weasel: “I’ll just have a seat here on Chester”

Sunday Morning easy bike ride (18 miles)

Favorite part of the ride

Rail Road Crossing

Weasel looking like a grown up dog!

catching the rays

An afternoon of Beach Volleyball.

I have a tournament coming up in a couple weeks.
I need practice!

those two…..again!

Dropping off a an Ivyland Uniform to Sherri.
It used to be Danny’s!

Friend Dave & Me
(I was trying to show off my new manicure)


Gratitude is arguably the king of happiness.
the research say? Can’t be more clear than this:
…the more a person is inclined to gratitude,
the less likely he or she is to be depressed, anxious, lonely, envious, or neurotic.
You must teach your brain
to seek out the good things in life.
Research shows merely
listing three things you are thankful for
each day can make a big difference.

~Eric Barker

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