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Monday April 13th 2015 dogs, working from home…..

April 13, 2015

Monday April 13th 2015


My friend Mike’s new rescue dog!

A cutie 🙂

Mike’s other dog Bailey, 10 yrs old.

It’s always great to get a younger dog
when you have an older dog.
They can be great mentors.

My office assistant today.

Weasel IV doesn’t sleep here often.
I’m always happy when she does.
It was always a favorite spot of Weasel III

Desk side action…… while I work from home.

this is never an easy choice…..

you’re more likely to do the right thing
if you take the “outside perspective” ~
in other words if you ask yourself,
What advice would I give to someone else
in this situation?”

~ Dan Ariely

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