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Wednesday 4/15/15 gym, Weasel, Doylestown CC, Slate Bleu, Chambers, school

April 15, 2015

Wednesday 4/15/15

Boot Camp today. Getting in Volleyball shape!

Picassa & Weasel hanging out together.
It’s a miracle!

stopped at Doylestown Country Club today.
Trying to get in here!

Visited my account Paganini Wine bar

Trying to get my wines in here: The Hattery

Blind Tasting at my account Slate Bleu

We tasted these wines
French Sauvignon Blanc & one from New Zealand.
French Pinot Noir

Saw my account Chambers 10 Bistro

Weasel IV sitting pretty.
Chester is at the door, can you see him?

Puppy School
Weasel COMING to Michael when called.
Bypassing dogs, treats & toys!
Good Girl!

Weasel playing with one of her classmates
at puppy school

See transitions in life as the perfect opportunity
to let go of one situation and embrace
something even better coming your way.

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