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Friday 4/18/15 HVCC, Radice, Iron Abbey, Tapas on York

April 18, 2015

Friday 4/18/15

Huntingdon Valley Country Club

first stop after BIG meeting at work

Showing my wines at Radice in Blue Bell, PA

stopped into visit my account Iron Abbey

dinner at Tapas on York
with Michael & neighbor Denise

Calamari was GREAT!

Can anyone use doggie diapers??

We have extras left over from Weasel III

This is BETTER than a horsehead….

PATIENCE…. I need more of this!!!!

who doesn’t?? any tips?

I do this all the time……


Worrying about the future
or dwelling on the past
or letting your mind wander
is a prescription for unhappiness.
Those things aren’t in front of you
and they’re not real.

As Mark Twain once said:
I have had a great many troubles,
but most of them never happened.

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