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Wednesday 4/22/14 gym,dogs, Porter House, New Hope, Puppy School, JOB?

April 25, 2015

Wednesday 4/22/14

Waiting for Boot Camp to get started

An ottoman for each dog….

Wine tasting at Porterhouse in Lahaska.

I think they are going to go with the Torrontes

New Hope, PA

visiting a new account (to be) Nektar in New Hope.
It is going to be a cool Wine Bar.

Anyone up for a bike ride??
3rd annual Tour de Open Space will take place on Sunday, May 3

Puppy school tonight.

These Two…….BFF

CHEF JOB! anyone know of an executive Chef looking
for a job?? My friend is a recruiter & has a place for one.

Sign at Wegmans grocery Store

What Else would you make Fresh Squeezed
Orange juice from???


Every night for the next week,
set aside ten minutes before you go to sleep.
Write down three things that went well today
and why they went well.

This technique has been proven
again and again and again.
One of the reasons old people are happier
is because they remember the good
and forget the bad.

{it works!} ~HD

~Eric Barker

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