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Saturday 4/25/15 Weasel, Chester, Biking, dani rae, Dinner

April 26, 2015

Saturday 4/25/15

Weasel! Are you looking at THE CAT??!!??

Who Me??

Stalking robins

neighborhood watch

out for a little bike ride on a chilly spring day

PEDAL FASTER….color of my nail polish…..

What made me decide to get THIS color???

Dani Rae on her first fishing expedition!

yummy dinner at Taormina’s!
It’s been a while since we’ve been here.
it was the usual GOOD!

friends Dan & Kim were going out to dinner
at a place that serves my Tequila.
That inspired me to have a taste myself!

If you are a Tequila drinker you will LOVE FORTALEZA!

plight of dog owners…..


Every new beginning
comes from some other
beginning’s end.


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