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Monday 4/27/15 Weasel, Chambers 19, Lunch, Wine, Birthday Dinner

April 27, 2015

Monday 4/27/15

This is how Weasel likes to sleep

Weasel Stalking

She’s going after a Robin

Working from Starbucks today before my 11 am meeting

Pooch patiently waiting

Keg Wine tasting today at Chambers 19

Lunch with friend Jesse at the HATTERY,
hoping to get them as an account.

researching this wine. I think I have a buyer of a case.
it’s only $136/bottle!

Happy Birthday nephew Bryan #26

Pat made the birthday dinner….
but not the birthday cake

in case you were wondering…….


“Everybody wears a sign that reads,

‘Please recognize me.'”

~ Dale Carnegie

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