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Wednesday 4/29/15 work with Brant of Chateau Julien, Puppy School Graaduation

April 29, 2015

Wednesday 4/29/15

Chester sitting….
haven’t had one of these in a while

Blast from the past…..
Decorate your Dog Day.

Poor Weas! She truly was a GREAT DOG!

Today I worked with Brant from
Chateau Julien Wines out of California.
We are at Normandy Farms showing wines
to Billy (left)

next stop was a tasting at Blue Bell Inn

From the Boot tasting

Broad Axe Tavern

Last stop Blue Bell Country Club. We were tired!

I didn’t even show you ALL our tastings.
It was a LONG day!

Puppy School!

Play Time

learning to SIT when the door is opened

Weasel inspecting her Graduation Diploma

Weasel the Graduate!

Weasel’s official graduation document


To be a professional
you have to be a lifelong learner.
You’re always getting better.
You’re always trying to get better.

~Mike Kenny

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