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5/7/15 gym, weasel, Bolete Wine tasting, Event at Meadowlands CC, Mary’s house

May 10, 2015


getting a good start to the day at the gym

Chester being a dog bed hog

finally, Weasel got the bed to herself!

This is how she likes to sleep.

dani rae in her BATMAN outfit!

Ready to conquer the day!

BIG wine tasting at Bolete today.

Bolete is one of the top 100 restaurants in the USA

Meadowlands Country Club

I was working a member wine tasting at Meadowlands.

My “elevator pitch” for each wine.

Coworker FAITH taught me that trick.

tasting went well, though I need to find a way
to inspire people to branch out of their
wine habits. All the people want is Cabernet or
Pinot Grigio when there is so much more out there!

A stop at friend Mary’s house after the tasting.

Thanks for dinner Mary!


Kindness is more than deeds.

It is an attitude, an expression,

a look, a touch.

It is anything that lifts another person.

~ C. Neil Strait

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