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Sunday may 17th 2015 streak, gym, pedicure, Harry’s Tap Room, Mary’s

May 18, 2015

Sunday may 17th 2015

{Happy Birthday Horsehead !!
you know who you are.}

just finished our morning mile walk/run

then we have this……. sleeping beauties….

time for the gym!!
gotta keep in shape for the summer!

Fuzzy Wuzzy Baby Weasel
4 weeks old & 4 months old

She looks a little different

a much needed pedicure. the beach wreaks havoc
with the pedicure. the color is: Get Cherried away.
Whatever that means…..

yes please.
A flight of beer along with a flight of bacon….

Dinner tonight with Michael at
Harry’s Blue Bell Tap Room

tasty Fish tacos

a short visit with friends Mary & Chris.

enjoying a crisp Chenin Blanc….


“Don’t find the time
to exercise,
make the time to exercise.”

~ Unknown

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