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Saturday 5/23/15 bluebirds, biking, Matt’s Red Rooster, evening streak

May 25, 2015

Saturday 5/23/15

YAY!! We have bluebirds!!
I was hoping to get a family this season.

getting ready to go on a bike adventure

turtle we saw on our ride

Me & Deb on the New Hope/Lambertville Bridge

LOOK! We were in two states at one time!

tasty pastry at C’est La Vie Bakery.
Only on a biking day……

finished our ride!

30 miles today.
We were hoping for longer but were
happy with 30. This way we got to do
other stuff.

Michael & I went to dinner at one of our
favorite restaurants. Matt’s Red Rooster.
It’s a 45 minute drive so we don’t go often.

We like sitting at the counter because
we get a show with dinner.

grilled calamari special

Tuna two ways

Chef in action

soft shelled crabs. One of my favorites!

out on a night time streak.
We didn’t go in the morning so
we had to our mile walk/run at night

I want to die living.

And I want to be remembered as one who

lived with purpose, joy and feeling.

I want to spend my time learning

what goes into a whole and happy life,

then building that life the best I can.

~Steve Goodier

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