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Monday 5/25/15 doggies, Cooking & relaxing…

May 27, 2015

Monday 5/25/15

Weasel on a morning stalk.

We went for a long run today.
Twice what we usually do ( 2.25 miles)

Weasel was so tired. She drank her water laying down.

then we had THIS! too pooped to make it on the dog bed

found these tasty treats at Wegmans.
friend Suzy usually gets them for me at the Korean market

made this tasty concoction.
Fresh & Smoked Salmon Tartare

Strawberry & Jalapeno infused tequila


Multicolored Grilled Peppers

we got a new dog bed for Weasel
but Chester insisted on using it.
These dogs make us laugh!

You determine your future
by the thoughts and pictures
you hold in your mind today.
~ Brian Tracy

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