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6/4/15 Dani, Tree Swallow, Weasel, Giuseppe’s, Molinari;s brother Ray, BEE BANK

June 4, 2015


June Calendar picture

HAPPINESS is when what you think,
what you say and what you do
are in harmony……

Dani Rae got her picture in the paper.
Enjoying the sprinklers at a nearby shopping center.

She looks all grown up in this picture!

neighbor Deb’s Tree Swallow

(wonder if she used her “good camera”?)

Fuzzy Wuzzy Baby Weasel Slipper Paws
just lounging around

this picture makes me laugh

Wine tasting at Giuseppe’s

He needs KEG WINE. My mission is to find it!

Molinari’s is my last stop.

I LOVE this place!!!

NYC dining in downtown Bethlehem.

My boss checking out the wine menu.

Tasted KRIS Heart Rosso with Lee.
Sale! It is Tasty!

stop to see Brother Raymond on my way home.

He is working on another BEE BANK.

Do you need one???

friend Rich sent me this Wine Sack!

Cute šŸ™‚

I love FUN surprise MAIL!

here’s one for BEER SCHOOL!



“The goal was never to beat the competition,
or to make a lot of money.
It was to do the greatest thing possible
or even a little greater.”

~ talking about Apple Computers

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