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Tuesday June 2nd 2015 New Hope, Nektar, Bear Republic @ Iron Abbey

June 4, 2015

Tuesday June 2nd 2015

my new glasses.

I have to turn my head to get the photo bc
otherwise there is a glare on them.
Not sure I am loving them but I can see
better with them when reading.

Appointment at NEKTAR today.
It’s a COOL wine bar in New hope.

View from Nektar.

Drink the GREEK ROSE’ when you go there……

My friend Michael’s coffee is served at
the LOFT @ Iron Abbey.

Drink Local!

neighbor Deb & Me with DAN from Bear Republic Brewers.
We thought he looked familiar… we just saw him a the
Boston Brewfest last weekend.

CIDER at Iron Abbey….all mine!
Buy up some CIDER folks!

This is NOT your Angry Orchard stuff.
This is REAL!

FLIGHTS are back at Iron Abbey.
We were very Happy about this!

We played a trivia game tonight.
Our Team name was
Fuzzy Wuzzy Baby Weasel Slipper Paws.

It was hoot hearing the announcer call out
our team name.

Our House after the Power Washing on Monday.
It looks good but we had a little problem with the pond.
Apparently, despite precautions, the cleaning products
got into the pond & killed all our fish 😦


Rarely can you change the world.
But you can always change your thoughts.

~Eric barker

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