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6/9/15 baby birds, gym, Weasel, Doylestown, Chambers 19, To-Yo

June 9, 2015


napping baby blue birds

Still waiting for 2 Tree Swallow eggs to hatch.
The one egg looks like it has a wing poking out.

getting it done at the gym!
it’s a must. nice butt Deb!

Fuzzy Wuzzy Baby Weasel Slipper Paws.

Just relaxing with her Frisbee

wines at Chamber 19 in Doylestown

1/2 of them are MINE! yay 🙂

Tilia, Terranoble, Chateau Julien, Leyda

outside a Doylestown shop

Doylestown is Dog Friendly!

Charlie from my account To-Yo Japanese

a park in Doylestown…..

just say NO FUN!

It is actually called STAR PARK & it is a little
Memorial Park in downtown

still trying to get my wines into Bobby Simone’s!

Updating & highlighting my Wine Price List

Helps me remember about certain wines

Embrace the fact that some parts of your life
are simply meant to be lived, not controlled.
No matter what happens, no matter the outcome,
you’re going to be just fine.
Let the things you can’t control, GO!

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