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Sunday 6/7/15 baby birds, fish, dogs, ELVIS, Chicken Cordon Bleu nuggets

June 9, 2015

Sunday 6/7/15

HUNGRY baby blue birds! one day old


Feeding my neighbors fish while he is away

Weasel helping water the plants

Chester Helper Dog

Weasel watching Dani Rae watch Frozen

Chester enjoying his new dog toy

sister Pat attended an Elvis impersonator concert.
Here she is with Little Elvis

Here she is with Big Elvis

Made these tonight & they were DELICIOUS!

find the recipe here:

they were easy to make

this is the BEFORE photo….. I forgot to get the AFTER.
now they are in my Tummy!

dogs relaxing on a Sunday Night

The morning is enormously important.
It’s the foundation from which the day is built.
How you choose to spend your morning
can be used to predict
the kind of day you’re going to have.

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