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Thursday 6/11/15 birds, gym, 3rd & Ferry Fish Market, biking

June 14, 2015

Thursday 6/11/15

6 day old blue bird babies

4 day old Tree Swallow babies

We need another person for our team.
Can you come out & play with us?

Let me know ASAP!

fuzzy wuzzy baby weasel slipper paws

after her morning run

time for the gym !

Wines I am showing today

Sauvignon Gris (Chile)
Italian Blend (California)
RED! ( think light summer red) Austria
and an $82 Tuscan Bordeaux blend (Italian)

Morgan Hill Golf Club

tasting with Danya at 3rd & Ferry Fish Market

Time for a bike ride

that’s me! with my nameless bike.

Anyone have a good suggestion for a name??

19 miles on this HOT Thursday night

what if you were remembered by the last thing
you said or did?

The final forming of a person’s character
lies in their own hands.”

~ Anne Frank (1929-1945) Diarist

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