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Sunday 6/28/15 Sleep Number Mattress, Weasel, Matt’s Red Rooster with R & D

June 29, 2015

Sunday 6/28/15

We finally got our Sleep Number Mattress.
Slept great but probably
a day of volleyball could have helped?

I like how it is not SUPER TALL like some
of the new beds are.

Weasel & Picassa playing…..

neighbor Deb rescued this Tree Swallow Baby.
He should not have fledged so she put him pack
in the nest box.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Baby Weasel on Town Watch

Dinner at Matt’s Red Rooster.

It was Tanya’s idea & she didn’t even come!

They were offering a great deal.
3 course pre-fixed meal $33.

in front of the restaurant

Matt’s Red Rooster with Michael &
neighbors Roman & Denise

Chicken & Waffles with Arugula & watermelon salad

grilled Salmon with Chimichurri sauce

Denise, Helen & Roman

Trio of Dessert. We shared.
Paired with a tasty Amarone!

It is important to celebrate life as often as you can.

You don’t need a reason, a special occasion

or a manufactured holiday.

Being alive is enough reason.”

~ Bob Perks

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