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July 1st 2015 Weasel & Chester, gym, vegetarian restaurant, Cantina Feliz,

July 2, 2015

July 1st 2015

How did it get to be JULY so quickly??

love these two. Best Friends.
Can they get any cuter?

Sub for Boot Camp. Good instructor.
Not a Kristin, but good.

Vegetarian lunch with friend Mary at new restaurant
in Ambler, PA

Butternut Squash Soup
smoked butternut squash and coconut
(no bacon….)

Really liked it & will be back!

Wine tasting at Cantina Feliz.
They need a Spanish Rose’

outside From The Boot in Ambler (my customer)

A new place I hope to be doing business with soon.
In Maple Glen, where the old Allegro Grille was.

A text that I got from a former customer.
YES! This is what it is all about.
Developing relationships!

Weasel & her friend Margo

My race results from last week.
Not the greatest, but acceptable considering
I am a non-runner!


“Without commitment,
you cannot have depth in anything,
whether it’s a relationship,
a business or a hobby.”

~ Neil Strauss

Be realistic about your existing commitments and goals

to be sure they’re actually achievable.

(note to self)

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