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5th of july 2015 Weasel, Chester leg baby deer, BBQ @ Dan & rachaels

July 6, 2015

5th of july 2015

We are still streaking. Weasel also STALKS.

Chester had an owie on his leg.
Thinking it is a bug bite of some sort.

We shaved the area, applied neopsorin and will
keep an eye on it.

Baby deer we saw on our way to Danny’s house.

Innovative use for a pallet:
An Herb Garden.

Uncle Ray providing Road Side assistance to Dani Rae

WHO doesn’t LOVE A mouthful of whipped cream?

Cake that brother Larry made.
Not the prettiest but was the TASTIEST !

Playing with Water Balloons

Dani Rae & Mom mom

Sister Helen, Brother Raymond, Brother Larry

Michael’s Mom Betty & Michael


Be thankful every morning
when you get up that you have
something to do that day,

which must be done, whether you
like it or not.

~ James Russell Lowell

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