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Thursday 7/9/15 streak, doggies, San Marco, Radice, Harry’s, SOD, Spinach Salad

July 9, 2015

Thursday 7/9/15

Streaking. Rain or Shine.
Today was Rain……

A birthday at the gym.
Better Text about it……

these two…… ♥

Whiskey/Bourbon line-up that Cole bought
for Iron Abbey.

These were all the tasting notes.

Tasting at Ristorante San Marco

Stop at Radice. Need to go back tomorrow.

Harry’s needs my wine!

This is a good wine. We usually sell it but
now it is in the Liquor Store so if you see it
buy some, it’s good & only $11.99/bottle

My (not officially) refillable Peeps bottle

cruising range…. ONE MILE.

I don’t think I’ve ever had so little gas……

Our New Sod!

delicious Spinach Salad that Sister Pat made us
for dinner tonight.


On particularly hard days
when you feel that you can’t endure,
remind yourself that your track record
for getting through hard days
is 100% so far.

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