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Wednesday July 15th Tribal Challenge 2015 with Chris, Judith & Tanya

July 17, 2015

See all 170 photos that Pete took here:

and if that is not enough……
Check out the photos RICH took for us here:

Makes YOU want to do a race, RIGHT????

Wednesday July 15th Tribal Challenge 2015

FIRST PLACE GIRLS was the name of our team

Chris (left) was a last minute sub, clearly NOT a girl….
Me, Judith & Tanya

Ready, Set, GOoooooooo

Tire Pull

piggy back ride. ugh.

slippery watermelon carry

first mud pit that Judith & I avoided…..

first mud pit that Chris did NOT avoid……

Cheering on my team during the Keg Roll UP the hill

Archery skills at work (not)

Judith giving me a helping hand over the wall

Balancing on tree stumps

and another mud pit, not avoidable……


getting washed off, sort of……..
as we traversed the Creek

Chinese Jump Rope Maze

last “real” obstacle, tire roll

All done our run…..FUN was had by ALL. (I think?)

Team Nine Blue

getting clean

I have decided that
“If I’m going to do it…
I’ll make it memorable.”

~Bob Perks


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  1. That’s a different sort of race! Looks like you had lots of fun 🙂

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