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Thursday 7/16/15 gym,lunch with LUCKY, Gypsy Blu, Lucky Well, biking,Beer School

July 19, 2015

Thursday 7/16/15

Today was A**burner day.
this exercise gets your butt in shape!

Lunch at LUCKY’s house today

Friend Mary made us lunch on the grill today.
Grilled veggies & a hotdog

Home-made baked beans.

Denise, we might need to do a cook off!

dessert was fresh figs, melon balls & marscarpone cheese

Tasting at Gypsy Blu in Ambler.
My soon to be new account!

Next Tasting was at Lucky Well in Ambler.
He liked both my spirits.

took my camera to get fixed.
It was acting goofy the other night at the race.

I wanted to do a short ride tonight so
Howard & I did our own ride.

We rode 17 miles.

the other group rode 25 miles.

me & Tanya back Row
Vanessa & deb up front

We had a few special guests at Beer School tonight.
Friend Vanessa was in town from Boston
& friend Tanya came over to visit too.

and then Beer School was over……

An honest answer
is the sign of true friendship

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