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Thursday 7/23/15 Weasel, wine delivery, rose’ flight, Bake Oven, Dani Rae, beer

July 24, 2015

Thursday 7/23/15

Weasel & Me on the streak….STILL!

another wine delivery for Helen.

People think my job is sitting around drinking
Wine all day. It’s not.

delivering table tents to Yiannis’ Taverna.
They are offering a flight of Greek wines
& they are FABULOUS!

Appointment at The Bake Oven Inn.
A cool restaurant far from my house….

Tasting wine & spirits with Catherine & Mark
the owners of Bake Oven

Dani Rae was on my way home so I stopped to see her 🙂

brother Larry got me this awesome Ice Cream

I thought it was going to be Peep flavored Ice cream.
I was wrong.
There were PEEPS peeping out of the ice cream.
It is very tasty!

a highlight of tonight’s Beer School

An oak aged Imperial Porter brewed with Chocolate

trying to get a selfie with Weasel

Me & the Weas


Whoever wants to reach a distant goal
must take small steps.
~ Helmut Schmidt

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