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Wednesday 7/29/15 birds, gym,sneakers, wine, Bourbon,Kittens need a home, BATMAN

July 30, 2015

Wednesday 7/29/15

FOUR hungry baby blue birds

stretching out after Boot Camp

My fancy new cross trainers

sneaker in action!

Wine & Bourbon tasting at KC PRIME

He had 49 wines BY THE GLASS!!!

Try a little of each….

These adorable kittens needs a home.
Who needs a KITTEN????

AT Chambers 19 in Doylestown.

Linda, you will be able to get some GREAT WINES here!
We are revamping their list to AWESOMENESS.
Nathan is great, he really cares about his customers.


HAD to take advantage of this photo Opp

still trying to get in at Bobby Simone’s.
One day?

a visit to brother Raymond’s studio….
working on more BEE pieces.
Banks, Necklaces, Belt Buckles.
Whatever you need…..


A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved.

~ Dorothea Brande

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