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Tuesday 8/4/15 gym. dani rae, Yianni’s, Apollo Grill, Molinari’s, Marguerite :)

August 5, 2015

Tuesday 8/4/15

Bicycle at the gym today

Dani Rae was an overnight guest.
sister Pat took her to the movies.

appointment at Yianni’s Taverna.
you can get a flight of Greek Rose!

tasting some Cyprus wines today

Alfresco Dining at Apollo Grill in Bethlehem

Jansen the wine buyer


NYC dining in downtown Bethlehem

tasting Suavia Garganega

wheeee! Dani Rae at Chick-fil-A playground

Wine delivery….. 8 cases!
hopefully we can get a truck to do this delivery soon.

Dani Rae making a Pizza Sandwich

Me & friend Marguerite outside Jamison Pourhouse.
Muggsy holding the Maypole…..

Choose to let all that has happened,
whatever it may be,
teach you and encourage you
to live this moment
in a meaningful and productive way.

~Ralph Marston

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