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Thursday 8/13/15 Chair shopping, Wine tasting in Easton, Margaritas, Beer School

August 16, 2015

Thursday 8/13/15

Checking out a new Chair for Michael’s birthday present

Wine tasting at Valenca in Easton

Drink these if you go to Valenca.
All my wines!

Stopped in at Maxim’s 22 in Easton.
Another account of mine.

visit to see brother Raymond

Ray wasn’t there so he got a Horse Souvenir

OH NO!!!
our babies flew the coop 😦

We grew a good family!

made a batch of Margaritas with these three:
Silver Tequila, Jalapeno Tequila & Mezcal.
It’s interesting…..

A favorite from Beer School tonight.
All the way from Washington State.
Thank you Colleen!

I’ve always believed that you can think positive

just as well as you can think negative.

~Sugar Ray Robinson

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