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Sunday 8/16/15 Weasel, seashore…… visit from Dani Rae, Chester, Bowser

August 18, 2015

Sunday 8/16/15

Lazy Sunday Morning….Fuzzy Wuzzy Baby Weasel

Michael working on our deck

had to drive back down the shore to retrieve my handbag
that I inadvertently & lackadaisically left at Jose’s
Mexican restaurant the night before..

fortunately it’s only about an hour & it was a nice drive

Dani Rae came over for a visit just in time
for the Ice Cream man. Decision Time!

Playing in the pool with Mike

Diving in…..with help from Uncle Larry

Bowser, Weasel & Chester taking a break

Danny getting a squirt in the face

Dani Rae going for a bike ride!

Rolling on Chester. He doesn’t care!

Weasel saying goodbye!

Enjoy your own life
without comparing it
with that of another.

~Marquis de Condorcet

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