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Tuesday 8/18/15 gym, Weasel, grass volleyball practice, brother Michael…..

August 19, 2015

Tuesday 8/18/15

Ass Killers at the gym today

Weasel is notorious for stealing socks.
She doesn’t chew them. Just steals them.

Writing on the bathroom wall….

Lackadaisical …..

Word of the day at Volleyball this past weekend

Time for Volleyball practice!!

the referee tent!

A couple hours of practice.
Time to put the net away!

friend Sammy’s dog Chelsea.
Love a silver muzzle!

Brother Michael RIP

we got news today that my brother passed away.
I had 4 brothers & now only 3.

It’s a very odd situation because
I hadn’t seen brother Michael since
my mom’s funeral 27 years ago.
Not sure how I am feeling?
Indifferent I suppose.

walk away or try harder?


Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week.

~Spanish Proverb

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