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Thursday 8/20/15 gym,work, Parc Bistro,Hotel Fiesole, Brasserie 73, beer school

August 23, 2015

Thursday 8/20/15

A few kick boxing moves at the gym today

Pilgrimage into the city to get wine & make copies

Parc Bistro my “outdoor office” between appointments

Wine tasting at Hotel Fiesole

Brasserie 73

Tasting wine at Brasserie 73.
They bought Wine & Whiskey!

Drink the Tilia Torrontes & Leyda Chardonnay.
Plus Filibuster Bourbon & Whiskey!

Caprese Salad compliments of neighbor Deb

End of Night Porter for Beer School

Purple Monkey Dishwasher

is an American Porter style beer

brewed by Evil Genius Beer Company


“It’s faith that will take you through, and determination that will drive you.”

~Jonathan Anthony Burkett

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