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Friday 8/28/15 Wycombe Publick House, Yianni’s, Whilte Orchid, Hotel Fiesole,

August 31, 2015

Friday 8/28/15

Working from home in the a.m. getting ready
for a Busy Day on the road. 100 miles….

First stop was to drop off samples to the Publick House

Then Yianni’s Taverna

We’re trying a new Rose’ wine because we
sold out of the vintage of another Rose’

Server Bobby Approved of the wine

Alfresco dining at White Orchids Thai Food.

You can order Keuka White Wine (from NY)
& Enamore , a tasty full bodied juicy red

back to Hotel Fiesole.
Slow but steady here.

Tasted some whites & reds. All winners!

at Brasserie they have my FILIBUSTER bourbon/whiskey
right on the bar. LOVE this!

Stop to see LUCKY on my way home.

Friends Mary & Chris.
Relaxing on a Friday night.

Time to go home 7 get ready for my
beach volleyball tournament on Saturday .

Learn to see the elements of the challenges you face. Big things are always made up of many little things. You can handle the little things one at a time. Eventually the big thing crumbles.

~Bob Perks

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