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Thursday 8/27/15 DR’s, Wycombe Publick House, Brasserie 73 Skippack

August 30, 2015

Thursday 8/27/15

Started the day with a visit to the Endocrinologist.
I finally got the thyroid issue under control but now
we need to find out why I was getting sleepy during
the day. We are waiting on the sleep study results.

Appointment at a potential new account!

We know the bartender & he thought of me
when it came time to change the drink list.
YAY me!

Tasting notes for my wines.
Every one has a unique story.

Chardonnay tasting.
Sold 3 of the 4 I showed!

Vanity Plate

A new Italian Restaurant I am looking to do business with.
Pizzeria Felici

If you or someone you know is looking for a job
They are hiring ……

Flowers our neighbors sent in remembrance of
our brother Michael who died last week.


Life is tough. Be gentle on yourself.
You are the only one who controls the pressure

~Bob Perks

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